..and we’re back

November 14, 2017

Well.  That was an interesting few years.   In 2015 I unexpectedly found myself moving to New Zealand after 16 years living in Alberta Canada.   The move was primarily due to the miserable economic situation and lack of job prospects in Calgary at the time and was only supposed to be for 2 years.

Those 2 years have passed and things really aren’t that much better in Calgary at all.  Perhaps predictably, I have realized that New Zealand is actually a pretty great place to live and it looks like I am here for a longer term.

Now that I am settled I have had a wave of enthusiasm to get back into the hobby.  This site will document the joys and frustrations of trying to model the old BCR while living thousands of miles away from it.

A more permanent housing situation is in store for 2018 and with it a small room for a layout.   Stay tuned for further updates.